The Wee Homestead

IMG_9992For some time we talked about downsizing; we wanted to reduce stuff and basically simplify our lives. We had a beautiful home on Vancouver Island, but it was becoming more work to maintain than we really wanted to invest in it anymore.  In December 2014, we sold the 2400 sq ft, 5 bdrm, 3 bthrm house on 1.7 acres and we bought a sweet little rancher on a sunny half acre, in an area of large, open acreages. Our view is grassy fields, trees, and even a glimpse of mountain – might be Mount Benson. We have two bedrooms, one bathroom, and 1600 sq ft with half of that in the basement.  Everything we need for daily living is within easy reach on the 800 sq ft main floor – including laundry. And we love it!

Our plan is to try to live more simply. We have a vegetable garden, mature fruit trees, laying hens, and a lot of ideas! It’s a good place to start.



And we’re determined to do as much as we can with our own hands.  That’s the fun part!

It’s also the reason behind this site.  Think of this as Steve & Nanette’s journal :)

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