The Egg Skelter


When we first started collecting our eggs, I was having a hard time keeping clear on the rotation. “Steve, which are the ones I am to use first?” This was the perfect fix. The Egg Skelter wasn’t available in Canada when we bought it, so we had to pay a very high shipping cost to get it here. It doubled the cost!  But I don’t regret it. It’s been a great help with egg management for us (me) 😉






Would You Like One Egg or Two?

 IMG_6113 copy

Double yolkers … this frying pan has two, not three eggs! The egg to the right is a “double-yolker” – two yolks and only one white. Eggs such as these tend to be much larger than normal – we had one such egg which weighed in at a whopping 116 grams, whereas the average egg only weighs around 80 grams. They are perfectly safe to eat and are delicious when fried, hard-boiled or poached.






Monster Egg



Here is a side-by-side comparison of one of our normal eggs and a massive double yolker – the egg on the right was 112 grams. I actually thought for a moment that a goose had somehow sneaked into the coop!! We also had a 116 gram egg a couple of months later. These large eggs show up periodically and are more frequent in hens which have just started to lay.



Easter Eggs!




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