Who Gives a Fig

Wednesday evening, Steve & I were invited out to pick figs at Tina’s. Her tree had an abundance and it was more than she could use. OKAY, we are in!

We had a really nice visit, enjoying a frappy-cafe-bevvie with a secret ingredient, and caught up on life. Then, with fig-eating dogs in tow, we all headed down to the tree. Yup, lots of figs. Lots of RIPE figs. It wasn’t hard to coax them into parting ways with the tree.

By the time we left with our bags of figs it was getting pretty late, and it would have been easier just to grab a bite of supper on our way. But we were already thinking about pork with figs! We could just eat a really late supper. And stop at the grocery on the way to get some pork! :)

imageWe sorted and refrigerated the figs to deal with later – no small feat in our already crowded fridge! Then on to dinner. I’d found a great recipe last year and was really anxious to make it again. If you get your hands on some fresh figs this year – definitely try this one! Nirvana! Pork Tenderloin with Onions & Figs. By the time we sat to dinner it was already 10:00pm, so we had to call it a night on the Wednesday fig adventures.

On Thursday, we were expecting guests in the evening so I made another batch of the fig & onions to go with bread and cheese. Very yummy.

figs dryingIt wasn’t actually until Saturday that I was finally able to focus on the rest of the glorious figs. A couple of the very ripe ones we lost, but hey – our loss is the chickens’ gain! I was excited to get some in the dehydrator, I imagined having dried figs on the shelf ready whenever I wanted them. It actually took a fairly long time because the figs were so big even when cut in half – I may have been better off quartering them. By midday Sunday, they were dry, but still a little bit sticky. I decided I would freeze the dried figs so they didn’t get mouldy. Several more fresh figs I quartered and froze on a tray to bag once frozen – those I am hoping will make us a couple more of the fig & onion with tenderloin through the winter. :)

That left the last few figs, and they were destined to become fig newtons! I’d never made them before and I needed a recipe. I pulled out the iPad and started looking. There were youtube videos and lots of recipes to chose between. In the end I took what I thought were the best parts of two recipes and put off making them until Sunday. I dried the figs in the oven for a couple hours and made the filling with those. They were nice and sticky. I added about a 1/4 cup of sugar, and a 1/4 cup of Cointreau to the mixture to give it a hint of orange.  I made the cookie dough from the recipe I found at

I finally baked them on Tuesday! The couple hours chilling in the fridge turned into 2 days! We had so many other projects on the go. I don’t recommend that much chill time – my dough starting drying too! lol Regardless, these cookies were worth the wait! I’ll definitely make another batch later with those dried figs in the freezer.

Do you have favourite fig recipes to share? Jessie’s tree will be ready for harvest soon!