Welcome to Our Lismore!


Every day is a new adventure!

We have shared many great adventures together, and our newest began when we sold a house and property that was unmanageable for us, and downsized to one that was!

In December 2014, we moved into a new home and named it LISMORE. In Gaelic, Lios Mòr means “Great Garden”. Lismore is also the name of a Lighthouse in Scotland where Steve’s father served as a keeper before the family moved to Canada. This was clearly the perfect name for our new home!

Lismore Lighthouse, Scotland
Lismore Lighthouse, Scotland

Several months have passed since we arrived at our Lismore and we’ve been having a great adventure. We’re loving, laughing and learning all manner of things together as we try to build this place into a home where we can live a wee bit more gently on the land. Some days it is hard work! But it’s also a heck of a lot of fun!

You just never know where the adventure will take you!